Disputes involving personal situations are disruptive, upsetting and can become disproportionately emotional. It is an unfortunate fact that we have seen a rise in the number of such disputes over the recent years. Often they involve families, family trusts, jointly owned property, farms and challeges to wills, disputes between neighbours or the knock on effects of divorces, fraud or dishonesty by colleagues.

The tensions experienced in family dispute situations, often involving family businesses, have increased throughout the recent economic difficulties. The financial position may have worsened and disagreements about which famiy members work in the business, and how the rewards are shared, can spill over in to open hostility.

With our experienced team of Sharia Advisors, we will try to help you navigate your way through your problems with the aim to reconciling you differences. We can work to achieve solutions which remain confidential, so avoiding personal details becoming public through litigation.

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