In the Name of Allah, the All-Merciful, the Most Merciful 

On the 23rd Rajab 1435AH | 22nd May 2014CE, Reconcile – An Islamic arbitration, conciliation and mediation service opened for the benefit of our Muslim community.

We thank Allah for giving us this chance to serve our community and to help bring it together and provide it solutions which will increase love within it. Sometimes in different walks of our lives we end up in a situation which is damaging to our future and our personal relationships are adversely affected and sadly our relationship with Allah is often affected too. Reconcile is an advice service which aims to bring disputing parties back together again.

Bringing hearts together again 
Empowering and rectifying the problems in our community

With respected Scholars on our board with years and years of experience and knowledge, we hope that Reconcile will become the leading and most exemplary service in the West.

May Allah give us success in this endeavour and purify all our intentions. Amin.