At RECONCILE we want to create a clear understanding between our users and us in relation to what users of our service can expect and also what we expect from users of our service. Please ensure you read the details below as this will insha Allah help avoid misunderstanding at later stages.


What to Expect 

1.     Advisors will listen to client cases attentively

2.     Clients will be treated objectively; the Advisor will operate in complete impartiality in regards to all parties.

3.     Each case with be dealt with on its own merit

4.     All given advice will be in line with our Islamic ethos.

5.     Advice will only be given after listening to all parties that are present.

6.     Advice sessions will last up to a maximum of 1 hour. If more than 1hr is required a 2nd session will need to be booked.

7.      All data will be kept in line with the data protection act 1998.

8.     Details of your case will not be disclosed to any external parties.

9.     All cases are to be dealt with on site in the RECONCILE office or one of its branches.

10.   All documentation connected to the case is held by the administration.

11.  Advisors are under strict instruction not to give out their personal telephone numbers.

12.  All payments and re-bookings will be carried out by the Administration only.

13.   We will deal with all complaints in line with our complaints procedure.

14.   Reconcile does not currently handle cases of:

a.      Divorce

b.      Khula

c.      Official Legal Mediation

15.   Sessions can be held in English, Arabic or Bengali.


What we require

1.     All parties to arrive on time to ensure the full session can be used

2.     All parties should adhere to Islamic etiquette, manner and dress code.

3.     Where possible we request that all parties are present

4.      All cancellations & changes will need to be authorised by the administration following our cancellation & session change policy